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Annabel Lost Process Reading

Date: Friday, December 19
Time: 8:00pm
Location: The Democracy Center, Cambridge

Join Chameleon’s Dish for a reading of Annabel Lost, a short play by Frances Kimpel. Doors open at 7:30 and refreshments will be provided. The reading itself will start at 8:00 and run a little under an hour. Stay on afterward for discussion and a chance to impact the shape this production will take when it goes up this spring. This is still very much an open project, and we invite you to be a part of it!

About the Play

Annabel Lost combines visual art and performance poetry with a montage of dramatic scenes to tell the story of two orphaned refugees, Quetzal and Rhime. The narrative centers on their evolving relationship as they attempt to build lives for themselves within a foreign and destabilized framework: while threats both internal and external threaten to consume them, their contrasting strengths prove grounds for both tension and mutual support.

The content and artistry of the piece are alike geared towards interweaving the real with the imaginary. Although the story takes place in another world, it touches upon Earth-relevant issues, focusing on the intersection between social, personal, and philosophical concerns. As the performers move through the narrative, they combine and recombine the more abstract elements of the piece with the concrete in order to highlight the development of central themes and relationships. Chimerical poetry, art, and choreography are interwoven with tangible characters and events in a manner that both deepens the more realistic content and provides a relatable framework for the more esoteric.

What is a Process Reading?

Annabel Lost is a collaborative work, and we continue to look for creative input on all levels for the upcoming spring 2015 production. Both the subject matter and composition of this piece stretch the experience and knowledge of our present troupe, in addition to challenging conventional forms of theatrical story-telling. As such, we believe that offering the piece up to wider range of scrutiny and input will be immensely beneficial to its development. The focus of this reading, therefore, is not only to present the script, but also to solicit feedback and connect with other artists interested in joining our team for the spring production.


Chameleon’s Dish: Our New Name

We’ve changed our name from Watch City Players to Chameleon’s Dish! We think the new name represents our work better, though we hope we’ll feed you more than air alone. Our first offering: an air cookie to anyone who can figure out where the name Chameleon’s Dish comes from.

For most of our online presence, we’ve just changed our account names, so if you were already following us, you should still be doing so. Links to our Twitter and Facebook accounts are of course still available in the right sidebar.

We’re looking forward to an active winter this year, featuring at least two original works, so stay tuned for performance times and production updates!