Casting Call for Annabel Lost – CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who auditioned! Annabel Lost is now cast, and we’re looking forward to a great show.


SEEKING ACTORS AND ARTISTS 18+ for Chameleon’s Dish’s experimental theater piece incorporating both prose and poetry, to be performed in Cambridge at the Democracy Center on the evenings of 3/22, 3/29, 4/3, and 4/5. Actors with disabilities, non-binary actors, and actors of color are strongly encouraged to audition. Musical ability and a background in dance or movement is a plus.

Auditions by appointment: contact Frances Kimpel at

ACTORS: Please bring a prepared monologue and/or poetic piece (you will be asked to read both prose and poetry as a part of the audition). Roles are not restricted to specific physical types: anyone may be considered for any role.

OTHER ARTISTS: We are seeking collaborators for creating the visual art, choreography, and music to be integrated with the piece. Anyone interested in this capacity is encouraged to bring or prepare (physically or virtually) an example of their work. You may fill this in addition to an acting role.

This four-person play combines visual art and performance poetry with a montage of dramatic scenes to tell the story of Quetzal, an orphaned refugee of colonial wars, and her otherworldly companion. The narrative centers on their evolving relationship as they attempt to build meaning for themselves within a foreign and destabilized framework. Although the story takes place in another world, it touches upon Earth-relevant issues, focusing on the intersection between social, personal, and philosophical concerns. The content and artistry alike build towards interweaving the real with the imaginary.

ROLES TO BE FILLED: SPIRIT 1, SPIRIT2, and SPIRIT 3. All three are aspects of a genderless entity belonging to a dubiously real culture called ‘Aether’. They deliver the bulk of the poetry and abstract choreography in the piece.

SPIRIT 2 manifests in the first half of the play as a more human character called ‘RIME’, fellow refugee and friend to QUETZAL.

SPIRIT 1 manifests in the latter half of the play as a quixotic and child-like figure called ‘ANNABEL’.

SPIRIT 3, being the most removed and ineffable aspect, never manifests in a more human form.

SPIRITS 1 and 3 additionally double as MASKED FIGURES, representing colonial presence.


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